At Absolute Home Comfort, Inc. we are proud to be given the opportunity to take care of your home’s more technical needs and maintenance requirements.  As a homeowner your list of things to do and responsibilities to maintain your home can be overwhelming and we understand the challenges you face.  We took some time to compile a brief, but important list of common tasks you can do to help you be better prepared, save money, and protect your home from the up coming seasons we New Englander’s know all too well.


  •  Clean gutters and down spouts.
  •  Inspect foundation and exterior walls for signs of water damage, flaking and/or discolored paint and pest infiltration (cracks, holes, nests, etc.).
  •  Check all exterior faucets for leaking or corrosion (Remember to shut outdoor faucets off in the fall to avoid pipe freezes).
  •  Close all storm windows in the fall and check for drafts.
  •  Inspect exhaust vents and chimney for leaves and bird nesting.
  •  Check roof for loose or missing shingles.


  • Schedule annual start-up and cleaning
  • Change batteries in thermostat.
  •  Change air filters.
  •  Clear any vegetation from around
    condensing unit.
  •  Close by-pass damper @ humidifier (if applicable).
  •  Open by-pass damper @ de-humidifier and clean filter (if applicable).


  • Schedule annual inspection and cleaning.
  • Change batteries in thermostat.
  •  Change air filters.
  •  Clear any vegetation from around heat pump (if applicable).
  •  Open by-pass damper @ humidifier and change water panel (if applicable).
  •  Close by-pass damper @ de-humidifier (if applicable).


  •  Open radiator valves throughout the interior.
  •  Check water level while the system is cold.
  •  Check all exposed plumbing for corrosion or rust.


  • FHW is a closed system which requires an annual cleaning and inspection by a qualified technician.

Proper maintenance ensures the life and efficiency for your home’s systems and exterior for years to come and can help you avoid expensive emergencies.  Remember Absolute Home Comfort is here to help with any project or repair you are dealing with!