The Absolute Home Comfort Plan is designed for homeowners who don’t want the hassle of trying to find good technicians through a variety of trades.  We have Carpenters, Electricians and HVAC technicians in house and completely available to you.  The Comfort Plan is a one year agreement between us, Absolute Home Comfort, Inc. and you, our valued customer.  Because of your choice to do business with us exclusively for one year, we would like to say thank you by offering the next level of V.I.P. treatment.

A Complimentary Inspection of Your Choice:

Because we are fully qualified in three trades, you may pick whichever system in your home that you would like to have inspected.  Whether its a carpentry, electrical or HVAC system we are happy to thoroughly inspect all components to ensure they are in working order (a $150 value). At the end of your inspection, we will sit with you to go over the results of what we found and give you a summary of findings sheet for your maintenance records.  If you would like us to inspect another system while we are there, we encourage you to take advantage of this member benefit.

Summary of Findings Sheet:

With your complimentary inspection and each additional inspection you have, we provide to you a detailed summary of findings sheet.  This sheet is basically a report card of the system that has been inspected.  If anything looks outdated, is not functioning properly, or broken, it will be noted with a recommendation of how to fix the problem and a price for the repair or replacement of that item. Essentially, it’s a “to-do” list for you to help keep your home running properly so there won’t be an emergency or breakdown in the future.  Here at Absolute Home Comfort we feel is It’s always better to Be Prepared.

Extended Warranties:

We offer our Comfort Plan Members an additional year to our standard one year warranty on all parts and labor.  That’s right, any work you have us do in your home has a bumper-to-bumper warranty for TWO years!  No questions asked, we always stand by our customers needs and our craftsmanship.

Priority Service in Scheduling:

As a Comfort Plan Member, being a member has it’s benefits as you can already see.  We value your decision to choose Absolute Home Comfort for all your home’s needs and when you call us for any reason, we will always offer you the first available appointment and lock you in the schedule.  We will be there when you need us so you can manage your day.

Reduced Dispatch Fee:

Our members can enjoy a continued savings through our reduced dispatch fee.  For $29.95, you will get our priority service and a fully qualified technician who is ready to fix the problem that very same day.  Regularly valued at $49.95.  That’s an immediate $20.00 savings every time you call for one full year.

All Work Performed at a 10% Discounted “Member Rate”:

Last but certainly not least, our Comfort Plan Members get 10% off the total cost of every project you need completed in your home for one full year.  You can save up to $5,000.00 per job!!  We feel this is the most popular benefit our customers enjoy while being members.  Saving you money and time are key benefits that every homeowner deserves.

If these benefits appeal to you, ask any of our technicians for your very own Comfort Plan.  You won’t be disappointed, for the cost of one regularly priced system inspection, you are given a Member Certificate and Member Number that allows you  access to all of the great features mentioned above.

As you can see, becoming a Comfort Plan Member is a wise decision.  No more shopping around for reliable and skilled technicians.  One call can solve any situation that may come up in your home and save you money at the same time!  Having a Comfort Plan means that you can sit back and relax in your home.  You won’t worry about anything going wrong because you now have a team of technicians at your disposal ready to help.  We are all well qualified, all licensed and insured, and all part of your team!  Call today to join!

* Comfort Plans are good for one year.
** Expanded Comfort Plans options are available for multi-unit buildings and clients with multiple properties.