Date: August 10th, 2006
Kathy H., Lynn, MA.

To whom it may concern:

I first became aquatinted with the crew at AHC (Absolute Home Comfort) when I needed a fenced in area for my dog. I invited AHC into my home to give me an estimate for the work. I agreed to hire AHC to do the work and could not have been more pleased with the result. I got a beautiful fenced in area with a working gate in my back yard that will keep my dog safe. I was very pleased with the extra effort that went into making the gate both practical and functional. The bonus was that the added detail on the caps and hardware make the gate look beautiful. AHC took care of my property, watched out for my dog, practiced work safety and cleaned up not only when the job was completed ut also at the end of each work day.

This very same dog that got the fenced in area had done some rather extensive destruction in my kitchen while growing up during his first year as a puppy! Once again I invited AHC into my home to get an estimate for the remake of my kitchen. AHC helped to make my ideas a reality resulting in a beautifully redone kitchen. AHC offered suggestions and helped me come u with solutions. I got a new floor, new trim, new doors, new counter top and sink, new ceiling, new lighting, new wainscoting and a whole new look. I was able to keep my cabinets and appliances.

As you can see from the pictures I took during the renovation, the job site was kept safe and orderly. At the end of each workday my house was clean of any construction debris and cleared of any dust and dirt. AHC was unaware that I was documenting their progress with photos at the end of each day. My favorite quality of AHC is that they do clean up at the end of each day. (I have had work done in other homes by other contractors who had been recommended to me and was appalled by the condition my home was left at the end of the day. After coming home from work, the last thing one wants to have to do is clear a way through construction debris!) There was never a time while AHC was working when I couldn’t walk into the kitchen while it was being renovated. There was never a day that my home was left in chaos. The care and concern that AHC has for the clients comfort and the respect they have for the clients property is unmatched. That is my favorite quality of the company.

Because there is an electrician, plumber, HVAC specialist and quality craftsman on the crew, there is no wait time for one task to be finished before another can start. Everyone works together making the job completed in the best time frame possible causing the least amount of disruption in your home. This “all inclusive” crew is my second favorite quality of AHC.

I would gladly recommend AHC to anyone. You can trust AHC and have confidence that the job will be done professionally, timely, thoroughly and to your satisfaction. I am proud to have the photo journal available for you to see for yourself the excellent quality of work you will get from AHC.

This recommendation letter was written for AHC. I gladly write a letter of recommendation to anyone who provides top shelf service as surely as I would write a letter of complaint if warranted. I fully believe AHC will never have a complaint letter in their files! If you would like to speak to me in person, a crew member of AHC can arrange that. I am confidant that you will be pleased with the work AHC does.

Kathleen H.
Lynn, MA.